L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod 4.0


  • New and improved all-in-one professional styler 
  • Features wider ceramic plates for easier straightening
  • New curl locking guide creates bouncier and more defined curls 
  • Patented steam technology creates visibly smoother hair
  • Accessories include a set of 3 steam-optimizing combs, thermo-protective shells, and heat resistant travel pouch

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The L'Oréal Professionnel SteamPod 4.0 is an innovative all-in-one professional hair styler powered by patented steam technology. This advanced tool allows you to straighten, wave, or curl effortlessly while minimizing hair damage. With its ergonomic design and wide ceramic plates, you can achieve smooth, sleek hair from roots to tips with ease. The curl-locking guide and thinner, rounder design enable you to create bouncier and more defined curls. Additionally, SteamPod 4.0 comes with exclusive accessories including three steam-optimizing combs, thermo-protective shells, and a heat-resistant travel pouch for a complete styling experience.


  • Versatile Styling: Create straight, wavy, or curly hairstyles effortlessly on any hair type.
  • Faster and Smoother Results: Achieve styling results 3 times faster and 2 times smoother with patented steam technology.
  • Reduced Damage: Experience up to 95% less hair damage thanks to the gentle steam technology.
  • Long-lasting Styles: Enjoy longer-lasting hairstyles with more defined curls and disciplined hair.
  • Wider Ceramic Plates: Wider plates provide easier straightening and allow you to reach 30% closer to the roots for smooth hair from roots to tips.
  • Curl-locking Guide: The tool's curl-locking guide gently heats up to 100°C, making it easy to create bouncier, more defined curls.
  • Steam-Optimizing Accessories: Comes with three steam-optimizing combs, thermo-protective shells, and a heat-resistant travel pouch for a complete styling experience.


  1. Choose the correct comb: Select the appropriate comb based on your hair type:

    • Fine tooth comb: For straight to wavy hair (Type I to IV hair on the L'Oréal scale).
    • Intermediate comb: For curly hair (Type V hair on the L'Oréal scale).
    • Wide-tooth comb: For very curly to kinky hair (Type VI & VII on the L'Oréal scale).
  2. Fill the water tank: Fill the built-in water tank with demineralized water. Avoid using regular tap water to prevent product malfunction.

  3. Set the temperature: Turn on the tool and set the temperature according to your hair texture:

    • 180°C for thin, sensitive hair (colored or bleached).
    • 200-210°C for thick, natural hair only.
  4. Safety preparation: Place the thermo-protective shells on the curl-locking guide for added safety.

  5. Style your hair: When styling, make sure the arrows on the tool are facing down. Glide the SteamPod through your hair, working in sections and using the chosen comb to guide your hair through the plates. Adjust your styling technique depending on whether you are straightening, curling, or waving your hair.

  6. Finishing touches: Once you've styled your hair, allow it to cool down and set. Style as desired and enjoy your sleek, smooth, or curly hair.

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