Eco.kid Organics

The healthiest choice for our kids and our planet. Pure. Organic. Certified.

Eco.kid Organics source more than 200 ingredients from around the world to harness the power and efficacy of marine bioactive, plant-derived surfactants and conditioning actives, concentrated seed extracts, essential oils, plant esters, wild-harvested plant extracts and plant waxes. Combining all formulations to create supernatural magic!

Eco.kid Organics is under the COSMOS Certified Organic Standard a formulation can contain no more than 2% synthetic moieties in the entire finished formulation that is safe and good for the skin. Eco.kid Organics is also good for hair styling, detangling and also for curing & preventing headlice from your hair. With Eco.kid Organics your hair is safe & healthy!

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