Professional Pace: How to Speed Up Nail Services in Your Salon

They say good things take time, yet over time we become faster at the tasks we perform daily. In the beauty industry, top priority should always be placed on quality: with efficiency playing a significant supporting role. In a nail salon environment, technicians are often pushed to work faster to accommodate walk-ins and last-minute appointments. It's important to achieve efficiency the right way: providing quick nail services without sacrificing client satisfaction.
In this post, we'll cover
- How to communicate with your clients for a smooth service
- The most efficient way to prep your clients' nails
- The best products to speed up your nail services

Communicating With Your Clients for Smooth Services

A manicure is a two-way street. Like any good relationship, communication is key to ensure that both parties have their needs met. While the nail tech is in charge of the final product, the client plays an important role in achieving a flawless final product. At the start of your service ask your client to let you know if anything you're doing is uncomfortable or if they're unsure where to place their hands at any point. If you're performing a gel manicure, mention the importance of proper hand placement under the nail curing lamp. This will encourage a complete seal of your clients' nails and prevent any time wasted on having to repeat a layer of gel polish. By demonstrating the best hand placement, you'll be setting both yourself and your client up for success. 

Similarly, when performing a dipping system manicure in your salon, don't be afraid to correct your clients' hand placement. If your client is new to acrylic dip, they may not realize the importance of hand placement for powder application. Advise your clients to leave their hands loose and allow you to guide their nails into the dipping powder.

Be Prompt in Your Prep

Depending on the client, prep can be the most time-consuming part of any salon nail service. Natural nail prep such as cuticle removal, shaping & buffing can be a major time killer in-salon manicures, however, by following the correct techniques and stocking the best nail tools, equipment & accessories, you can make your prep fast and effective! Investing in high-quality stainless steel tools will make your prep quicker without sacrificing quality. Our Artist's Choice nail tools are designed for demanding use in busy salon environments. Using professional tools prevents time-wasting by completing prep properly the first time. Prep your clients' cuticles quickly and shape with ease, using salon-quality cuticle nippers and pushers. Working under high-quality lighting can also reduce eye fatigue and speed up your service. Set up your nail station with flexible LED lighting to highlight details and help you perform complex services like ombre nails. Our selection of Glamcor professional lighting provides the perfect lighting solution for your workstation.

Stock Products Built for Speed

Performing a service with traditional nail polish? Don't fall victim to the drying time trap! Traditional nail polish can take upwards of 15 minutes to set, wasting valuable time for both you and your client. Quickly dry your clients' nails in order to get them out of the chair and out into the world faster to show off their new nails! OPI DripDry Nail Polish Drying Drops are a perfect product to stock for speed! In just a couple drops, this product cuts drying time down to just five minutes!