Virtual Brow Masterclass Online Training



Brow Code Online Training Courses

Let one of the most in-demand Brow Stylists in the world mentor and guide you through her master techniques of brow styling.


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"I just learned a lot. I have been doing brows for years, but this is taking me to another level! I'm so happy!" - Fride Svae
"I loved learning from Melanie her tips & tricks for how to create gorgeous brows with her easy to follow steps" - Karla McDiarmid

These classes are designed for anyone wanting to learn or advance their skills in brow styling.
You do not need any certification or prerequisites to complete this course. 



You are learning a self taught method that is successfully implemented into salon's which are globally recognised for their consistency, eye for details and precision. 
You will be learning tips and tricks from an experienced, passionate and professional business woman with many successes within the industry. Melanie's art and business ethics are in high demand around the globe. All participants of the Melanie Marris Virtual Brow Masterclass will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. 
* All certificates will be sent in 7 days of purchase, it does not certify you with a government accreditation.