Caronlab Aquagel Firm Sugaring Paste 600g

Caronlab Aquagel Firm Sugaring Paste 600g


  • Biodegradable sugaring firm paste
  • Ideal to those who prefer sugaring over waxing
  • Made with 100% purified water
  • No sticky residue—simply washes off in water
  • Low working temperature

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Are you or your salon and clients prefer using natural, Vegan-friendly products on the skin? Then the Aquagel Firm Sugaring Paste is for you!

Made by Caronlab, Australia's #1 Hair removal brand, you are guaranteed consistency, reliability and fantastic quality for a very reasonable price!


  • Jars fit directly inside Caronlab Professional Wax Heater
  • For use with spatula or hand method
  • Low-temperature paste with a beautiful gel consistency
  • Easy to control, ideal for beginners
  • Ideal for hot and humid climates

About Sugaring

The technique required for 'sugaring' is NOT the same as Waxing and should only be used by a professional with prior training in Sugaring.

Sugaring and waxing have both been around for centuries, in fact, sugaring is an early form of waxing but has recently re-entered the beauty scene. Sugaring uses a natural toffee-like substance that is kneaded into the skin repeatedly, removing the hair as it goes. The paste is spread or moulded onto the skin against the direction of hair growth. The sugar is said to seep down into the hair follicle and wrap itself around the shaft of the hair. When the sugar paste is flicked off in the direction of hair growth, the entire hair including the bulb slides out naturally in the direction it grows. This technique differs from waxing as waxing requires the hair to be removed in the opposite direction.

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