Smooth Operator: The Story of Jax Wax Australia

Australian, cruelty-free, vegan and socially responsible. These are just a few of the qualities that make us proud to carry Jax Wax. Founded by Tina and Geoff Copland, Jax Wax has always had social responsibility at its core. Although the company now ships worldwide, sourcing Australian ingredients and supporting local causes remains a top priority for Jax Wax. This week on the Beauty Lab blog, we're looking at the story behind our newest line of professional wax products - Jax Wax Australia.

Ethical Ethos

Tina Copland had been working in the manufacturing industry for over a decade before joining a small candle manufacturing company in Victoria. Throughout her time at the company, the business grew tremendously and began exporting internationally. This experience inspired Tina and her husband Geoff to start their own wax manufacturing business. In 2003, Jax Wax (originally named Adam & Eve) was born.

The company has established a unique ethos by prioritising socially responsible manufacturing and production methods. According to Rosie Hopgood, Jax Wax takes pride in supporting the Australian beauty industry. As the National Marketing and Sales Manager, Rosie Hopgood welcomes the chance to promote the company's local roots. "Sadly, too many companies choose the cheaper option of overseas manufacturing. We believe that as an Australian company it is our duty to support Australian families and businesses by manufacturing locally," says Tina. Jax Wax is constantly evolving to accommodate trends and behaviour in the professional beauty industry.

According to Tina, the demand to produce a cruelty-free and vegan product became strikingly obvious throughout many visits to Europe and America. “We were being approached by [beauty] therapists at various trade shows wanting socially responsible products for their customers,” says Tina. “We are lucky to be able to interact with our customers on such a personal level and listen to what they want. We believe that we are the only Australian wax company that is 100% vegan and cruelty-free and has the PETA Certification," she says. "These days, there is no need to test on animals or use their by-products There are no so many alternatives that are available which don’t impact upon our ecosystem.”

Identifying with Indigenous

With over 12,000 species of colourful flora, Australia is home to the largest collection of wildflowers on earth. Many of these gorgeous species cannot be found on any other continent. Not only are Australian native flora lovely to look at, but many wildflowers are said to offer medicinal properties. Indigenous Australians have long used wild flora for skincare, stress relief, and wellbeing. In 2018, Jax Wax launched the Australian Native Flora range. This unique line of wax is branded under distinct names such as Coastal Banksia, Sydney Waratah, Victorian Heath and Australian Wattle. Each name was created to showcase the flora from various geographical regions of Australia.The floral range provides Australian customers with heaps of information they may not have known about the plants and flowers which are native to their country.

The packaging for the Flora range includes facts about where to find each plant, as well as their use within Indigenous Australian communities. The Flora range also offers a glimpse of the Indigenous Australian culture to international customers. Going beyond education, the Flora range was designed as part of a large scale Indigenous support project.

For Michele Hetherington, the company's National Training Manager, supporting Indigenous Australians is an important cause that hits close to home. As an Aboriginal person, Michele has strong family ties to a particular region of Australia which has fallen victim to division and tragedy. Upon Michele's recommendation, the Northern NSW town of Kempsey became the launching point for Jax Wax' Indigenous project. Working with community leaders, the company have launched various programs to raise participation in sports and education amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in the community. "Our view is that participation in sport in general, but particularly team sport encourages healthy living choices and importantly, promotes psychological well-being," says Michele. 

Essential to Export

According to Tina, expanding globally has always been a goal for Jax Wax. The company intends to maintain Australian production while growing their international exports. "Currently our business is currently around 50% exports and we expect within five years it to be about 70% to 90% export. We need to mindful of our costs, prices and the Australian dollar when setting our international prices to maintain our competitiveness. There are a few key factors that have led to the growing success of Jax Wax' international expansion, says Tina. "Australian waxing products are held in high regard overseas," she says. "Australian products are seen as a clean, green and providing exceptional quality." Throughout the coming years, Jax Wax aims to expand distribution and bring the best of Australian waxing worldwide.

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