Nail Nuisances: How to Cope With Bad Client Habits

As a beauty professional, you have the privilege of knowing heaps of tips and tricks that might not be second nature to the public. Working with nails helps you build a bank of knowledge about cuticles, polishes and acrylic enhancements. Things that might seem obvious to you may be totally unknown to the public! With that in mind, it can be a huge burden to handle the bad habits of your clients. Remember, you have the upper hand! It's crucial to keep calm and patient with your clients to help them learn to treat their nails better!

Below are a few of the most common client bad habits and how to handle them.

1) Nail and Cuticle Nibbling

Although it might be a common habit, nail-biting is a huge pain when it comes to providing the best look for your clients! Painting a beautiful french manicure can be a difficult task when your client has virtually no free edge! For clients with a biting habit, we suggest promoting acylic enhancements! A durable acrylic or dipping powder coating works as a shield to prevent biting to help natural nails grow long and strong!

Unfortunately, biting doesn't always stop at the nail! Some women have trouble kicking the habit even while wearing acrylics. Although acrylics cover natural nails, they leave the cuticle exposed. Some women have trouble kicking the nail-biting habit and tend to terrorize their cuticles! This can make your job as a nail tech extra challenging. We recommend suggesting alternative habits such as chewing gum to distract them from their desire to dig into their cuticles. You can also recommend a nourishing cuticle oil to reduce dryness and dull the temptation for biting.

2) Picking Off Old Polish

Every nail tech knows it's important to remove gel polish responsibly! Many women make the mistake of assuming that gel polish can be peeled or picked off as easily as traditional polish. The curing process of gel polish means it's bonded to the natural nail with greater strength and durability than traditional polish. Make sure your clients know the difference and avoid peeling or picking off gel polish! Invite them to return to the salon for soak-off removal OR to purchase their own acetone or soak-off kit to take off old gel polish at home.

3) Smudging During Services

Some women see nail salons as a luxurious treat-your-self moment; others see it as a triweekly trip that takes away from their busy schedule. For busy clients, it can be hard to sit still and tune out of their busy schedule during their nail service. Some women simply can't resist the urge to check their phones or fiddle with their fingers, resulting in smudging of the nails while setting. If smudging does occur, politely remind your client that it's important to give their nails the time they deserve to create a durable seal! After all, it's in every client's best interest to get the strongest longest-lasting nails possible! Try to engage your client in great conversation in order to keep their mind occupied and their hands still!

We hope you find these tips helpful to achieve the best nail service possible while making your practice painless for both parties!