Trend Alert: How Brow Lamination Took Over Instagram

Can we all just take a collective moment of gratitude for the fact that pencil-thin eyebrows aren't a thing anymore? Decades from now they might look back at the current decade and laugh at our boyish brows, BUT in the meantime, we're here for it.

Thick eyebrows and Instagram are like two peas in a pod. So how did this happen and where does brow lamination come into play? Stick with us kid, we'll walk you through it.  

What is Brow Lamination?  


Think of brow lamination like a magic formula to semi-permanently put each of your brow hairs in prime position. Brow lamination has been dubbed as "microblading without the needling." Each individual hair is given attention without actually being drawn on.

Using a special solution, this pain-free treatment forms your natural brows into a better shape with more definition. A brow lamination treatment starts with a lifting cream that softens the hairs, allowing the brow artist to lead them in new directions. Next, a neutralising cream is used to help reconstitute the hair structure and set the brows in their perfect new position.

Who made Brow Lamination trendy on Instagram?

It's pretty widely agreed upon in the industry that Cara Delevingne can take the credit for making bold eyebrows a thing. However, she doesn't get the credit for brow lamination trend. One of the pioneers of brow lamination, The London Brow Company seems to have started the Instagram takeover. 


Brow Lamination FAQ's

Q: How long does brow lamination Last?

A: With proper aftercare, a professional eyebrow lamination treatment can last up to two months!

Q: How much does brow lamination cost?

A: Depending on the salon or at-home brow tech, a Brow Lamination treatment in Australia typically costs $80 - $150 AUD.

Q: Can brow lamination be done on naturally thin brows?

A: Yes! Brows which are naturally thin, with hairs lying flat and horizontal, are the perfect candidates for lamination! This process allows you to redirect the brow hairs upwards and outwards, giving the appearance of fuller and wider looking brows.

Q: Can you get laminated brows wet?

A: DO avoid getting your freshly laminated brows wet for the first 24 hours after your service.

Q: Does brow lamination ruin natural brows?

A: Brow lamination is safe, easy and topically applied to create amazing results for up to 4 - 6 weeks. Always visit a reputable brow tech for your servicwe.

Q: How often can you have a brow lamination service?

A: We suggest returning for a repeat service every 6 to 8 weeks.

Q: Can I get a brow lamination treatment while pregnant?

A: Although brow lamination is relatively safe, hormonal changes relating to pregnancy may heighten the chances of a reaction, even if you have not had a reaction in the past. We suggest waiting until after your first trimester whilst pregnant and when no longer breastfeeding after giving birth.