Bronze Beginnings: Introducing MoroccanTan!

The sunless tanning industry - a way to satisfy bronze cravings without sacrificing skin safety. At Le Beauty, we are proud to stock some of the best professional and retail tanning brands in the industry. We're excited to announce our newest tanning range - MoroccanTan.

Read on to find out what makes this brand a beautiful choice for your sunless tanning business!

The desire for a golden glow has been part of Australian culture for decades. In fact, Aussies are exposed to some of the highest levels of UV exposure on earth. As a result, our country also holds some of the highest skin cancer statistics. However, public awareness campaigns continue to promote safe sun and the importance of UV protection. Sunless tanning brands like MoroccanTan offer the perfect solution without sacrificing skin safety.


Moroccan Tan Professional KitSince their 2011 launch, MoroccanTan has captured the hearts (and skin) of some of Australia's most discerning tanning professionals. Although the brand includes retail products, MoroccanTan has maintained its status as a professional product, with retail products being sold only through reputable salons and wholesalers like Le Beauty. Performance is paramount at MoroccanTan. Their state-of-the-art formulas include Enhanced Bronzers, DermalLock and MoistureLock technology. These properties result in fast-acting, luxurious natural-looking tans.


MoroccanTan products were created with priorities beyond simply going bronze; this conscious company prioritizes ethically sourced ingredients - opting for organic options whenever possible. See below for some of MoroccanTan's key ethically sourced ingredients! Another unique attribute of this beauty brand is its emphasis on skincare. MoroccanTan's formulas are infused with premium ingredients including Pure Organic Argan Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil and Organic Vera. The combination of these elite elements results in a rich seamless tan on top of deeply nurtured skin.

Why Choose MoroccanTan?

Diverse catalogue: delivers beautiful bronze colour
Ethical ingredients: prioritizing organic, preventing animal testing
Professional performance: the original argan oil spray tan solution
Radiant retail range: easy-to-apply retail mousse, foam, liquids and tan enhancers Suitable for any skin type: created to accommodate fair, medium and dark skin



The MoroccanTan Original Collection: The premier professional collection from MoroccanTan can be worn by all clients, however, it offers the greatest benefit to cool skin tones. The original collection features green base formulas with 2 hour rinse times. A green base spray tan solution helps to neutralise any pink or red undertones, which tend to be common in cool skin tones.

The MoroccanTan Exotic Collection: The exotic professional collection from MoroccanTan can be worn by all clients, however, it offers the greatest benefit to warm skin tones. The exotic collection features violet base formulas with 1-4 hour rinse times. A violet base spray tan solution helps to neutralise any yellow undertones, which tend to be common in warm skin tones.

The MoroccanTan Accelerated Collection: The accelerated professional collection from MoroccanTan is suitable for clients of all skin types who seek a fast flawless tan. This specially formulated solution contains a blend of organic Argan Oil and a powerful natural probiotic that promotes the richest, darkest application possible. The accelerated collection also features an intensive 48-hour hydration complex to boost melanin and promote a luminous glow. This 30-minute formula is ideal for clients who seek a faster way to score their best bronze possible.  


As a tanning professional you know that a salon spray tan is the best way to deliver a dimensional natural-looking bronze. That being said, there's no denying the convenience of at-home tanning. To meet that demand, we stock an extensive range of MoroccanTan retail products, perfect for salon resale. MoroccanTan's retail prep products include a refining skin primer, body cleanser and exfoliating mitt. These products help to ensure a streak-free natural looking tan by creating the ideal skin condition for application. MoroccanTan's at home-tanning range includes a variety of formulas to satisfy individual needs. The instant tanning lotion sachets are fast-absorbing for flawless tanning without the fuss.


Q: What’s the difference between the MoroccanTan Original, Exotic and Accelerated Collections?

  • The Original Collection = green-based, making it best suited for cool skin tones.
  • The Exotic Collection = a violet-based solution, making it perfect for warm skin tones. This collection also contains extra skincare properties to nourish the skin.
  • The Moroccan Accelerated Collection = mixed-base solution, great for medium skin tones. This collection is fast-acting, for those who prefer a quick rinse. Which MoroccanTan spray tan solution will suit my client?

Q: How much MoroccanTan solution should I be using per application?

A: Only one coat of MoroccanTan spray tan solution should be applied per application. Approximately 50-75mls should be used for full-body coverage.

Q: How long will each application of MoroccanTan last?

A: With the proper professional application, Moroccan spray tan's will last 7-10 days. 

Q: Does MoroccanTan contain SPF?

A: MoroccanTan products do NOT contain SPF and should never be used as a substitute for sunscreen.